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About the Kennel

Irina KosyakovaThe «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel is only working with affenpinschers and griffons. The Kennel is registered with FCI (Federation Cynologuque Internationale - Belguque) in 2011, registration number 12124. Since September 2011 the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel is a member of the national «Affenpinscher» club of Russia.

The focus breed is surely Affenpinschers but the Kennel has started from griffons and I still like this breed very much.

The Kennel Mission I believe is to keep and improve the Affenpinschers as a breed. And the quote from Elizabeth C. Murphy's book about the Irish Wolfhound was not chosen randomly. Although Betty Murphy is meaning the particular breed, the idea she is promoting is actual for any breeder. Moreover I believe it should be better understood and taken as the must. I also always remember the doctor's rule – «don't make it worth».

The Kennel is currently aiming at:

  1. Accumulate the dogs with interesting breeding potential.
  2. To select the primary breeding pool based on the strong health, mental and exterior criteria.
  3. Coordinate and control the development of the new puppies.
  4. To study the breed, its specialities including physiology, mind and the history of the breed, also cooperation with other specialists.
  5. Plan and manager the show career of the kennel dogs.

Working with animals including the dogs is always risky. That's why I always closely monitor my aims and ensure that they are timely adjusted to the reality.

Based on the above said, I can highlight the main streams of the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel activities:

  1. Selection;
  2. Systematic breed information – collect and analyze;
  3. Affenpinscher zoo psychology;
  4. Affenpinscher physiology;
  5. Health control;
  6. Show training:
  7. Dietology;
  8. Dog socializing;
  9. Dog fitness and workout;
  10. Grooming (rolling);
  11. Individual handling;
  12. Show career planning.
  13. Training and special programs;
  14. Owner support.

I would also like to note and the health care in the Kennel is always the priority. We are only using medicine made in EU. Regular vet visits and tests are made, including ultrasonic.

It is my principal position and the no dog with health problems will be selected for breeding in the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel.

Since breeding is not a money business for me I do not support an idea of a «puppy-mill». Each mating in the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel will be well planned and unique. For me every puppy with «Irrwisch Sieg» in the name is a black diamond and can't be measured by money.

We never have many puppies in the Kennel and therefore I maintain a waiting list where a truly interested person can always be put. You can learn more in the «Puppies» page of this website..

New and advanced stream of my kennel is dog training. Affenpinschers are very successful in «Obedience». One of the first “Governable Urban Dog” certificates in Russia was granted to the Affenpinscher called Airescot Black Jack aka Porsche who belongs to the «Irrwisch Sieg» family.

A lot of time is dedicated to the show career of dogs. We visit many Russian and European dog shows including surely the «Eurasia», «Europe Dog Show» and «World Dog Show». The show time in the ring is not a lot, but time to prepare for the show starts from the day the puppy is born and lasts every day of his/her life in the Kennel. I endeavour to learn from the best handlers and frequently visit trainings and workshops for handling, which take place in Moscow or St.Petersburg.

Each dog is unique and even within one breed you will not find two of a kind. That is why in the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel I endeavour to find an individual approach to every dog I have..

Here we are - you are now very familiar with the aims and the targets we set as the Kennel. I hope you found it useful.

Owner of the «Irrwisch Sieg» Kennel – Irina Kosyakova.